Kittens from Wackymoon Fantomah & Kumskaka Gandolf The White P
Link to kittens pedigree in Pawpeds
Inbreeding complete : 3,8 %
Clones : 18,7  %
Parents are DNA negative for HCM, SMA and PKD. Negative for HD on X-ray, negative for  Patella Luxation.
Both are  scanned negative for HCM + there are many good HCM echo results, generations back
Kittens are born 17th of November 2013
They will be available to loving pet homes and approved breeders
Name theme : DC Comics "Justice Society of America "






















































































WackyMoon Mister Terrific PP                                                                  almost 8 weeks old                                            9 weeks old                                                                11 weeks old        
Black Poly Male
4,5 weeks old on the photos
Now living with Paw and Louise


WackyMoon Stargirl                                                                                              8 weeks old                                                      9 weeks old                                                           11 weeks old
White Female
4,5 weeks on the photos
Living with  Camilla

WackyMoon Liberty Belle                                                                        8 weeks old                                                       9 weeks old                                                             11 weeks old 
White Female
4,5 weeks old on the photo
WackyMoon Doctor Mid-Nite                                                     8 weeks old                                         9 weeks cute :)                                                             11 weeks old
Black Male
4,5 weeks old on the photo
Now living with Tove Grønbæk Jensen

WackyMoon Black Canary                                                                           8 weeks old                                                             11 weeks old                                                         12 weeks old
Black Female
4,5 weeks old on the photo
Reserved to Louise and Paw

WackyMoon Citizen Steel                                                                          8 weeks old                                          9 weeks old                                                      11 weeks old                   
Blue Male
4,5 weeks old on the photo
Now living with Julia Lillienthal Kehlet and her lovely little family :)

WackyMoon Lightning P                                                    8 weeks old                                             9 weeks old                                                              11 weeks old
Black (with white locket)Poly Female
5 weeks old on the photo
Now living with Tove Grønbæk Jensen